What is most important must be spoken – and shared – even at the risk of it being misunderstood.

Through our ancient Galactic lineages, may we continue as Wisdom Keepers of the Flame, so that we may step forth now as those illuminated flames in our true sovereign essence, and as our true authentic Rose colour.

Humbled, and bowed in deep reverence of having been burned in the holy fires of Black Light, as a Wisdom Keeper of the Transcendent Crystaline Black Diamond Flame, I carry the message and luminous presence of the Black Rose….

I remembered…..

The Gift of Grace

This Black Rose is not a secret society, nor a religious sect. Neither is it about being enmeshed in the dark.

I have felt a sense of “awkwardness” in sharing this post so publically. However, this is not about me, this offering is in Her name.

The Black Rose frequency is the spectrum of Grace to heal through Love gifted to me through many incarnations, to use for the benefit of serving others in a time of need.

This work is sacred. It is Holy. It requires Heart and Soul. It is about waking up to the power that is lying dormant within all of us.

She is our challenger and initiator, she is the Gatekeeper and holder of the void.

Everything that is not of love is collapsing. The chaos we see in the world is the unravelling of those structures.

If we have any duality inside and have built walls up around our Heart and continue to resist, our reality will collapse. We see in the outside anger, rage, fear and hate – yet there is a bigger dream being played out here.

Although it may not seem like it, everything is in full alignment as it is. Everything is happening as it is meant to be. We are now being required to surrender everything that we are to the bigger picture, and embrace the unknown.

We will each be presented with challenges until we choose to do our inner soul work to liberate ourselves and see them in a different Light. This is our initiation.

Those who choose to seek the deeper mysteries will find them, for all esoteric secrets, knowledge, wisdom, inner knowing and the voice of the soul will be revealed to those who surrender.

Wisdom is often hard earned, usually coming through our own trials and tribulations of falling down and finding the humility to get back up again. This is the greatest initiation that many of us will have to face at some time or other – and many are facing now.

The Invitation

This posting is not intended to be read all at once – unless the mind and ego cannot wait for the veil to be lifted and the ending revealed. Then the deeper message and gift will be lost.

Be open and surrender to receive the frequency of what is being offered…allow the words to flow over you without trying to understand them with your mind. Those with an open Heart who receive the message and gift will know….those that don’t, will remain blind.

Through my own ancient lineage and connection with the Sisterhood of the Rose, included within this sacred text is the ancient wisdom and my journey of remembrance with the Black Rose and her Temple.

At the end, you will find the modern day Temple of the Black Rose, the Temple of Grace. It offers an invitation to be part of something bigger, if it serves you to be a part of it, that you may remember your sacred essence and step more closely into your own calling.

These sacred invitations, including all blog postings are, and always have been, an invitation to an initiatory journey to invite others into this work of deepening our soul journeys, and be part of a heart sharing community to heal our Heart’s wounding.

This is the sacred offering I so desperately needed at a time in my life when I needed it most yet could not find.

My own life “initiation” forced me to do the inner work and heal my core wounds, which eventually revealed I had hid and carried the memory and Flame of the Black Rose in my Heart for aeons….or in the darkness of my immune system to be precise.

Through unlocking the healing potential found in the dark velvet petals and thorns of the Black Rose, the Black Rose was the gift of my spiritual inheritance which I had hid and carried until a time when it was needed most to bring forth.

And that time is now….

Our shadow Self is now calling to be integrated

We are all in a period of transition. As we move through this next stage of our evolution individually and collectively, it is the collective shadow and Dark Night of the Soul that we are living through now. It is the purging of our suffering that we have held within for far too long.

We know it is a cleansing process. It is a metamorphosis of some kind. We are moving into a higher consciousness. Yet many are still resisting the process.

Many are being prepared for a death and dying process – to move into another dimensional shift for a re-birth – including a totally NEW level of serving in 2017 and beyond.

No-one can initiate us, for life itself is our greatest initiator. Our challenges in life in what ever way they come are those “initiations” which are asking of us to engage with them.

They are the fertile ground to release what is no longer serving, and out of which leadership, artistic genius and inspiration grows. Our challenges are to lead us to the darkness within, so that we may re-emerge into the Light with our sacred gifts for humanity….

The Black Rose

Through the resonance and sacred geometry of the Rose, She is a celestial Rose of the Stars, of the Cosmos. She is a guiding Star, a fierce Love for our soul. Like all Roses she is a secret healer. She is the quantum leap that will change our relationship to matter forever.

The radiance, Light and beauty that shine from her petals are alive. Her luminous presence embodies a divine, serene, calmness. For She is mysterious, magnetic and hypnotic. She holds deep wisdom that can be found within all of us.

From my own shattering, my own childhood experiences made me fearful of change. And that resulted in me hanging onto things all my life that were not right or healthy for me, and not going after the things I loved. At the time I was scared, I did not know how to let go.

All of us at some time will have to turn towards our personal and the collective shadow so that it may be transmuted and transformed. Our challenges are our initiation.

The Black Rose is the Alchemist…

She is the Alchemiser of all things dark.

The Black Rose has seen the world’s plight and sorrows. She has stepped forth now, for all our wounds and misappropriations are calling to be healed.

She is the Dark Feminine or Dark Mother to those who can feel her presence. She is the bringer of chaos and destruction, yet She is also the pure Heart of Grace shining in the silence of our darkness that can free us to become authentic. To Love her is to experience her brilliant, diamond, crystaline Light and Grace in the darkness.

She comes to liberate us through destroying that which we are done with and which no longer serves or works. She demands of us through illness and “dis-ease” – and that includes ALL the ills of the world – that we get to know her.

Her petals hold “medicine” powers that are beyond the understanding of the mind and intellect. For She brings us back to the essence of our truth.

She is the healer of grief and despair, the repairer of marriages and relationships, the comforter of the inner child who feels forsaken. She unlocks hidden trauma and sadness. She restores within us compassion and trust.

The Black Rose has profound powers of healing issues around Love and grief and the emotional wounds of the Heart. She has stepped forth in this time of history as a redeemer….a Healer, and a resurrecter of the soul.

She is an ancient, secret healer

She is the Initiator and destroyer of all we have known

The Black Rose is the healer of our shadow – and our Dark Night of the Soul

What ever our perceived struggles or challenges inside and out, the Black Rose holds the ultimate alchemical healing for our Heart’s wounding, for she represents surrender, death and re-birth.

If we do not allow the burning away of our self, it causes immense emotional and physical pain if we do not look at all the trapped pain within our soul.

For some of us women, this has also prevented us from “stepping up” and sharing our unique gifts because of a shadow around “sisterhood wounding”. It is not about competition or comparison anymore or am I good enough or enough – it is about collaboration and support, and helping one another.

What we have not acknowledged or processed within us, will just continue to play out in our lives as outside events and situations that bring us pain or discomfort. These projections are just the Heart’s calling to bring us to a place of resolution and acceptance.

I will never tire or cease speaking up about the importance of healing our core wounds – now is the time to get authentic and real.

So if you are ready to cast aside those rose tinted glasses you wear, and are ready to cut away and be done, when we heal our shadow and old patterns, the dark night of the soul will take us to our Soul work.

Something I learnt on my journey through the dark night of the soul is that it is not about seeking the Light.

It never was.

There comes a time when we have to descend into the darkness and make it our friend. For when the time comes when our Light has dimmed or gone out through a challenge of some kind, there is no where to go except within.

And within that darkness, we find a luminous presence.

And with commitment and total surrender, even in the darkest night of the soul and the deepest of pain, that luminous presence will reveal to us everything.

She and our shadow are demanding conscious recognition.

The Black Rose is the catalyst for transmuting our shadow and alchemising the emotional wounds of the Heart

The Black Rose possesses much knowledge and power that she will share with those who get to know her. We will not find the Black Rose on the outside. Nor can we abuse her or misuse her powers. For She has suffered too.

She is here as a face of the Divine Feminine, not to be worshipped as some religious icon or deity, she is calling us home to our own divinity and our union with the Divine.

To find the gift in the darkness, we need to allow it to speak, for its tone will ultimately lead to our greatest expression. It will always awaken us to something deeper.

For when a challenge or dark night is fully engaged in and embraced, it continues to feed our vision for a better world.

The cure always lies in the “illness or dis-ease” itself, whether that illness is of the mind, body, emotions, spirit or ills of the world.

The challenge may manifest as relationship problems, divorce, physical or mental illness or disease, long forgotten emotional wounds, a loss of some kind – and even the death and ending to the old ways we may have been working.

Healing our shadow through a collective dark night of the soul is very different to other methods of healing ….

We must all at some time in our lives become acquainted with sorrow – before we can give our gifts of redemption to humanity.

For held deep within our ancient psyche, there is a remembrance that Beings of Light that walked before us had to yield their Hearts and walk the path of sorrow.

We see it in stories of Demeter’s grief for the loss of her daughter, the mourning Isis, and the seven sorrows of Mary…

The Secrets Revealed

What now follows from here on is a sharing for my Rose fraternity of my own journey of remembrance with the Black Rose – and for anyone who chooses to continue feeling into this unfurling, there is a sacred invitation at the end.

Included are transmissions in some parts of this posting. Just be open to the possibility that it may bring up some unacknowledged feelings, or stir some memories of remembrance within you too.

So feel your way through this and see what inner doors may open for you, what veils are lifted, what emotions or feelings arise, and what, if any, insights are revealed or awakened within you too. Surrender to it all, and just allow….

The Path of the Black Rose

For those who have travelled this far on the journey, what follows is a remembrance which holds a much deeper message of the Path and Temple of the Black Rose.

The Path of the Black Rose is beyond understanding and concepts of the mind, for it is part of the deeper Mysteries. So if it does not resonate with you at this time, just let it go. I am just the vessel for Her message and Love through my own remembering…nothing more.

Insights revealed that it is the Divine that calls a person to walk the path of the Black Rose, usually by a traumatic, life-changing experience. It appears to be a very challenging path because it is a path of intense, excruciating pain.

I came across a beautiful poem recently called the Well of Grief written by David Whyte which epitomises the sacred work of the Black Rose.

Our tears of grief are holy, for to walk the Path of the Black Rose is to walk the path of sorrows and be initiated as a Diver of the Well – a “Shadow Walker” who has walked the path of tears and embodied the healing power of Black Light within them selves.

Ego has no place in this sacred, holy work. It is a path of absolute utter surrender into the darkness….

There is a big difference between letting something go and avoiding it. For in that place of rock bottom where there is nowhere to go, we can do nothing except let go and surrender ….

In that humbling moment…

We come face to face with all our repressed and unacknowledged feelings, our deep core wounds, our anguish…and all the parts of ourselves we have avoided or do not want to face.

It is the place most people do not want to go, it is death. Death is surrender, surrendering to all that is happening…

When we have heard the Call and have answered the Call to serve, we fulfil a sacred agreement to walk a path of initiations, usually by fire, to better serve others.

When our life is falling apart, or the life we knew collapses, grief and loss can bring us to our knees as the life we knew or the work we did is dying and falling away.

We yearn for a silent place where we can experience for ourselves without guilt or shame that deep sense of abandonment and separation, and all the ugliness we encounter when we see our own wounds, and the wounds of others. And it is in that moment we see,

The weeping of our Hearts, the weeping of our Earth

When we take that journey to the well of darkness, there is always something wanting to come into consciousness.

The Black Rose teaches us that death of any kind, whether health, job, marriage, someone we love, is seeking to be fully embraced and embodied as a natural part of life. Life itself is our initiator.

It is not about getting rid of suffering, it is in the graceful, humble understanding that suffering cannot be shoved away in a box and hidden, but to recognise it is never separate from life itself.

Walking the Path of the Black Rose is not without sacrifice, for the ego itself suffers a terrible blow. And because of the descent itself it is not without cost – most of humanity has avoided this deeper, darker realm and is having to come face to face with it now.

We deluded ourselves into believing that if we just focus on the Light and avoid looking within to do the deep, dark, inner work, we can avoid the chaos and fear of having to look at the things we don’t like about ourselves. After all, our life is full of joy and bliss isn’t it and these things only happen to other people don’t they?

Only when we have embraced our own personal experiences of adversity, had them transmuted and alchemised in the darkness and diamond Black Light of matter, does it transform us into the golden Light Body of our Solar Self.

A Black Rose has walked the path of death and re-birth and brought back the gold.

Service through Sacrifice

Those called to a life of service have often had to walk the treacherous road of initiation through dark, lonely nights without a map or compass. The Path of the Black Rose teaches us to embody certain terrains of loss and excruciating heartbreak, as well as the deeper mysteries of life.

Turning towards our own suffering, not in a narcissistic way, becomes our own redemption, for the source we drink from and the teachings of these initiations by fire, offer us a new level of awareness, compassion, wisdom and trust, both for ourselves and others.

That devotion to service gives an initiate of the Black Rose the courage and willingness to meet what appears to be the insurmountable, and impossible tasks of dying into the fire of illumination, where our status of who we thought we were and how others perceive us to be is stripped away.

A Black Rose has been to the underworld and entered the Gates of his or her own personal hell. We have sunk to the bottom of the Well, have confronted and conquered the depths of our own shadows, healed our own Hearts, and brought back the gold – including the gifts of redemption that can now be given to humanity.

Through my own dark night, I found the gold and coins in the bottom of the Well. I also know that these pieces of gold were sacred and not to be hoarded, but to be shared with others through service.

Having survived and lived to tell the tale, I know the terrain of transition and loss, and the process of facing our shadow and healing through those dark nights of the soul.

In the early days of illness I spent a long time in the Well grieving, and it can be a dark, scary place. I can swim with you in the diamond Flame of the Black Rose where your unknown wounds and unloved shadows can be met, and embraced, in the Black Diamond Light of redemption. This is the greatest gift and Heart song of my soul and life’s calling.

I can be there with you… and to witness you…

because I have been there…

having dived into the Well for myself…

It is here that our unknown, unwelcomed, as-yet-unloved shadow selves can be met, embraced, and emerge in their luminosity and their unimaginable potential can be actualized.

Some are losing the plot altogether, or are being enticed to fall into a bottomless pit of fear, anger, hate and rage. For the Wisdom Keepers of the Rose, we know it all began in Atlantis…

And Atlantis fell because of lust, greed and the misuse of power

It fell because we were not in the higher octaves of Light

Whether we believe it existed or not….Atlantis holds up a mirror for us. Information was given to us in that legend and it holds a very important message for us all today.

There is a lesson to learn from that story which may help us to understand what is going on within our inner and outer world now.

The root cause which brought the fall and demise of Atlantis was fear, a lack of true balance and spirituality…and our disconnection from the Divine became lost.

And it reveals something about our current predicament today.

From that fear and separation from Source the illness, disease and the lies we told ourselves came.

A Journey of Remembrance

Those of us who remember the beautiful Atlantean healing Temples of old, know they are a memory of consciousness that we have stored within our Hearts and divine mind, our individual and collective subconscious.

It’s time for us all to remember our healing abilities. We know there is no time or space, and I share my own memories of working as the High Priestess in the Temple of the Black Rose.

In those times of long ago, forgotten in the mists of time, as darkness fell, illness and disease came….we were no longer in the higher octaves of Light.

We were losing our connection to Source, to each other, our star Sirius, our Galactic friends and Divine Mother….

We were falling in consciousness, our Hearts were breaking and we became so consumed with fear.

The Temple of the Black Rose was a sanctuary, a Temple of Grace for grieving, reflection, and emotional release. It was a spiritual refuge where all could engage with it in their own way.

It contained the Well for grieving and Ascension Flame which held the healing power of Black Light. It was such a beautiful place. Made of Black obsidian and decorated with gold Roses on the ceiling.

The Well was made from gold in the shape of a Rose, encrusted with beautiful jewels, gems and crystals, the sacred vessel that held the magical waters of Black Light that on the surface appeared like black diamonds dancing…

We knew the healing power of the Temple and the Well, for our healing Temples were about Alchemy.

Crying and grieving was never done alone, it was done in community, in sisterhood and brotherhood, to align all with the golden Rose frequencies to bring us back into balance and harmony.

People came to heal their trauma and separation from Love at the Temple of the Black Rose, a Temple of Grace, for its purpose was to bring them back into their body. When their inner Light had dimmed or gone out, they knew they had to enter the murky dark waters of the Well.

For when feelings arose that they could not process, they knew they were entering the stages of grief and fear.

They knew that what ever was arising they had to be with it fully, to embrace it and not push it away, because to do so would mean that it would become stuck within them and manifest as more disease.

They knew that to heal their emotional trauma and Heart wounding they had to feel their pain fully. In the Temple of the Black Rose, processing pain, crying and grieving was done in community.

Those who refused or did not want to go to the murky depths would never know the secrets of the Well, nor would they find the pieces of gold waiting for them there, which they would take with them on the next stage of the journey and out to the four corners of the Earth.

We mistrusted one another as our fears of comparison and competition began to rise. We created deep wounds around sisterhood and brotherhood, which at the time, we had no way of knowing how that would impact us in the future and prevent us moving forward.

And then the fall came, along with a dark night of utter silence and forgetfulness. We all became part of the massive dark night of the soul. Until our time came to be set free.

The Temple of the Black Rose, a Temple of Grace now

I have learned that in times of great challenge, it is only through our humility in surrendering to Divine Love and Grace can the true beauty of the Rose be revealed. Then, our soul wisdom can be shared in serving the growth of others.

I have facilitated Circles and Gatherings for over ten years now, and in September 2016 I was guided to bring forth The Temple of the Black Rose as a Temple of Grace with the Well for shedding tears in Her name.

“This something beautiful” has been incubated since 2014 and now co-created in Her name to honour Her Grace that I received during my own dark night of the soul.

It is being built as a sanctuary to embrace the silence and darkness. It’s purpose to form a spiritual community for those who are truly ready to be witnessed, to reflect, release their emotions and grieve.

It is a Rose Sanctuary of Light for men and women brought forth for these dark times for the purpose of releasing emotions, integrating the shadow, and healing the individual and collective dark of the night of the soul. It is a spiritual refuge, where all can engage with it in their own way.

All our stuff that gets projected outwards as shadow, and in our full commitment to do this work, we see them for what they are, and contribute to healing the collective shadow and dark night of the soul.

Our Sacred Heart Circles began a year ago for men and women, as the foundation work for this Temple. We held sacred space to be witnessed, without judgement, as we each found our voice to tell the truth of what was going on within us.

Now the real work begins – its time to get down and dirty. This space has been created as a sacred container to release our stories, to heal our core wounds, and the wounds of the Heart, to balance the masculine and feminine within.

This Temple is a sacred container to bring us back to wholeness into the highest octaves of Light, for all to realize our own power, find our own Love centre, and claim the holy Fire that burns within.

Within the Temple of the Black Rose, a Temple of Grace, the red Rose and white Rose within merge into One in dark matter, becoming the Pink Rose of union as the highest expression of Love – and the highest form of alchemy.

Offering Her continuing Grace through the Ages, Her doors opened for the first time here in the UK on Friday 13th January 2017.

This Temple is that unique “beautiful thing” that has been birthed…built as an alchemical container for death and rebirth, gifted with diamond Black Light, as a space for those who are genuinely committed to heal their hurts and Heart’s core wounding of where we have been separated from Love.

The Black Rose is our secret healer for the healing of our Heart’s wounding, collective shadow and Dark Night of the Soul

There is so much more to “unveil” about the Temple of the Black Rose – a Temple of Grace and the healing power of Black Light, and more secrets to reveal. That is for another space and another time.

If anyone would like to attend and join the Temple of the Black Rose – a Temple of Grace in person, or be notified of the next date, please get in touch.

There is also a Black Rose Initiation and Meditation in the cosmic pipe-line, and The Temple of the Black Rose – a Temple of Grace as an On-line version for those living outside of the UK coming soon.

In the meantime, if this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please share with your friends or network by sending them its link. Please feel free to post a comment in the reply box below, or get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you.

In Love, Grace and Service,