We are in a time of amplified energy. The Full Moon in March gave us an opportunity to balance out the “energetic agitation” that was shaking things up not only within the Earth with the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, but in our personal relationships and work too.

Something in these areas is now ending. We may find we are being redirected to a new direction because now we are ready to do something that is more in alignment with our life purpose and who we truly are. Maybe you are feeling the call to lead others.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month for someone who needs it is this:

Honour your Rose Wisdom and the potential it holds

At this time everything is up for review. Recently, I have been seeing people coming up in my dreams and old clients from the past reaching out and contacting me again. The past is coming around to see if we have learned from it, healed from it, or if something still needs transmuting and releasing. Wisdom becomes visible from a time of reflection on our past experience.

Perhaps we are experiencing a dramatic change in a job or our work. Maybe the thing we did in the past was not for our greatest and highest good or serving our highest purpose.

Some of us have worked really hard in the past and have not got the recognition or rewards we deserve leaving us physically and mentally tired.

It is also a good time to honour how far we have come, all that we have overcome, all that we have healed and how much growth we have made.

We are moving away from the confusion and illusion and people that we have allowed to keep us stuck. Whatever is inspiring us to use in our work, we need to honour that and put our creative energy into action before it is too late. Get ready to keep rising.

If we are being called to be of service or be a leader in some way, even if we do not know what that is yet, first and foremost we have to be ourselves before we can be of service and a support to others. We can no longer put up with or tolerate less than what we deserve. We must not only stand up for ourselves and protect our energy it goes for our work too.

Lead a new Trend

If we are being presented with a new career path now there is nothing wrong in wanting more or to be seen more. Whatever we are being guided to do now, whatever we are creating, whatever is developing, know it is to set and lead a new trend for the future.

It’s time to look at life and our work with fresh eyes. We will be presented with those that will work with us to help us achieve the results we were not able to do in the past on our own.

However, unless we do the essential deep healing inner work to be emotionally grounded, we will not find our integrity and honesty to bring forth our own unique gifts or be of service to others in an authentic way.


Part of my past before wisdom was gained from my experiences meant I spent many years feeling resentful and feeling taken advantage of until it manifested in my body as illness and disease and I had to take note.

It took me a long time to realise others had an expectation of me. Whether to make them feel happy, give them a sense of belonging, or to make them feel good about themselves.

Until I realised, that I had got what they wanted and when they had got what they wanted from me or when their expectation of me did not match reality they would disappear.

Due to my own lack of self Love and self care at the time it was a revelation to see they did not value me or my worth but as something they wanted or could take – because I allowed it.

“Heal so you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds” – Dr Thema

My experience was I did not value myself and accepted less than I deserved because of lack of self Love. I did not want to cause pain and hurt in others and my worst fear was what would happen if I said no. That fear kept me stuck in situations that were past their sell by date or that I should not have been in.

When I saw the choices I made that were not good for me because of pain, fear or disapproval, I realised I was not living what brought me joy.

Unfortunately due to our childhood experiences many of us confuse or do not know the difference between approval and Love and so we suppress our own needs to be accepted.

And this is what I have learnt over the years.

In my search to belong and to be seen and heard, it is not that common to have someone in our life that can truly see and accept us as we are. Yet to bloom as a Rose in our own radiant beauty that is exactly what is needed to heal. When we start to give unconditional Love to ourselves we will start to attract those that mirror this back to us.

A new Story and new Direction

Why do I keep telling my personal stories of inner healing work?

Because we cannot taste the sweetness without having tasted a bad apple.

Telling my personal story of inner healing is the way the wisdom and insights I gained from personal experience get passed down and shared. This is my Rose wisdom and I honour that.

Stories teach us about ourselves, about others and about life itself. I continue to create and share my story and have recently added a new page to the website as to why many are now seeing a Black Rose in their dreams or meditation.

More than ever now we have to choose our truth. When we focus on what makes us happy, we can then be in service to others.

What have we come here to accomplish?

Where are we investing our time and energy?

Does it feed us emotionally?

If not, we are being asked to remove blockages to strengthen our boundaries, to move away from what does not serve because there is a transformation that needs to happen to move us to the next level.

What are you here to do as a top priority?

What impact are you trying to create in the world?

Are you bringing your highest aspect of your higher self to your creativity?

Taking a break from writing, I noticed something on the back of a box of washing powder:

“Real change happens when we roll up our sleeves and get dirty”

What a wonderful statement to highlight the importance of doing our inner work, the messy work, to heal our distorted programs and patterns of behaviour if we want to see real change happen and align with our purpose.

My observations, without judgement, are there are many in a constant voracious pursuit of knowledge or a quick fix. (I have been there in the past too). That consumption includes books, podcasts, workshops, constantly seeking higher success and prioritizing knowledge over wisdom. Yet what do they do with the information?

According to Wikipedia Wisdom means “the ability to contemplate and act productively using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight”.

Wisdom can be hard won. It comes through our life’s experiences. Yet within that life experience lies the gold and the potential it holds.

Now in my older years one way of honouring and sharing my Rose wisdom is in the storytelling and the healing journeys through the monthly writing of these Love letters.

It also is shared through the Temple gatherings, the Oracle cards or Rose readings. Yet if they are only read or received at an intellectual level, the deeper truths the wisdom and energy signature within them are missed.

Without going within and contemplating and reflecting on the wisdom shared and how you can apply that to your own life, then all it becomes is just that. Intellectual information. No change happens if Enlightened Action is not taken.

If you are a regular reader of these Love letters, take note of what resonated, what brought an “aha” moment. How did they give you a deeper understanding of yourself? Of others?

So much of what is ending is of the old spiritual paradigm. Wannabe Healers, teachers, visionaries and practitioners are burning themselves out because of their own lack of self care and support. (Hands up. I was one of them).

How many have reached the realization that we have been giving our time and energy to those that don’t want to change, or are a safe space and support for others to offload, project onto and wonder why we are not receiving the same support back?

It is never about the other

What is being reflected back to us with the “other” is where we are out of balance within ourselves and perhaps have a people pleasing and caregiver pattern that needs to be healed and released.

If we are putting others needs always before our own, not only are we doing an injustice to ourselves we are doing them an injustice too by preventing them from learning their own lessons.

We need to become aware of this imbalance within ourselves before we can heal it. And to come back into balance we have to become aware of where we need to put ourselves first.

How many facilitators of community circles know how to hold space for themselves?

How many have been or are investing their time and energy in caring for their “students” and “clients” or those searching for support and holding space for them? It’s ok to be compassionate and giving but not to the detriment of ourselves. To hold space for others, we need to focus inward FIRST.

“Knowledge is knowing a TOMATO is a fruit; WISDOM is not putting it in a fruit salad” – Miles Kington

The upcoming Spring Equinox marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a day of balance focused on rebirth and growth. It is a perfect time to spend a few moments getting centred and to really find out what truly makes us happy, what makes us sad.

What or who lifts our energy and vibration and what or who lowers it?

What or who motivates us and what or who lowers it?

If money was no option, what would you want to do with the rest of your life?

When we have the answer to these deeper questions it is time to respect ourselves and our needs and desires and start giving them our utmost attention and priority.

Then we must honour our hard earned Rose wisdom and share it.

In Love, Grace and Service,


If you have got something from this writing or know of anyone that would, please feel free to post a comment below or pass it onto them using the link above.