It is becoming apparent that there is a new Ray of consciousness emerging and in need of integrating. It is a Ray that serves the good of the whole, not just the few. On the 1st February, Comet ZTF passed by the Earth.

The signs are crystal clear. So much fear, shaming, blaming and judgement of what, who is good or bad. What’s playing out on the world stage can seem like we have fallen even further into darkness and duality.


The time is upon you….

I AM beyond time and space, beyond what you may think of me or assume me to be.

Behind my veiled blackness lies a Rose of Immaculate and Infinite Perfection.

I AM the incomparable, a cosmic Messenger of Light….and a Code of great manifestation.

I AM the harbinger that initiates great change…

and the authentic seal of an ancient Order of Illumined Consciousness.

Comet ZTF

This message was coming through a few days before I heard that there was a comet passing through the skies close to Earth on the 1st February and that it could be visible through a pair of binoculars or telescope after midnight in the UK and seen as a “green smudge”.

I am being called, you are being called…to show up more. To reflect, discover, find and share our creative dreams.

Behind each veiled Rose within us is a rainbow of colours and a gift of untapped and unacknowledged possibilities and solutions. It’s our Heart wounds, fear, feelings of unworthiness and not feeling loveable that can keep us from finding our purpose.

We need to stop hiding in our own little worlds and take steps if we haven’t already to participate in the world at large for the good of the whole.

Feeling lost, have a lack of fulfilment in life and don’t know what we are meant to be doing? Get silent and ASK. Get out and connect with others. Remove the veils and allow the Heart’s Rose to blossom by connecting with groups to heal those wounds of the shadow.

Life itself is our greatest initiator and is always attempting to awaken us and get us onto of Soul purpose through every situation, circumstance or encounter.

Harbinger of Change

In Ancient cultures through the Ages in years gone by, people feared comets believing they were harbingers of the end and a sign of war of death. These Celestial phenomena were thought to be omens and bearers of bad news.

In view of what’s playing out on the world stage only time will tell! On a personal and planetary level, this Galactic cosmic ice ball could herald to us it’s time for a new world.

Interestingly, it is passing over the Earth at the time of Imbolc in the Northern hemisphere, a festival of purity and Light, a time that celebrates the first stirrings of new life deep in the womb of Earth waiting to be rebirthed.

Are we feeling in a rut in the 3D world?

What do we wish to co-create moving forward? What is the future we want?

The rise of Soul consciousness is taking place.

Develop connection. Trust. Trust we are all a channel of Love, Power and Wisdom in service to the whole….so needed at this time to move forward.

If you would like to connect with other like hearted souls in a safe space for refuge, support, connection and to work through “stuff”, I deliver service to all by facilitating fortnightly calls with the Temple of the Black Rose via Skype to promote healing and well-being. If this calls to you please reach out via the contact page above.

In Love, Grace and Service,