Through this Festive Season, in the energies of a New Moon, and on the Eve of a New Year, this is a shorter message than most and the last one of 2016.

There appears to have been much Divine activity going on in this month of December, the Divine realms assisting and offering us Gateways of Transformation through our “initiations” if we are open and willing to stay present and embody the incoming energy.

It’s not about a narcissistic me, me, me, anymore. The Capricorn New Moon on the 29th December was asking us to go within and reflect on why we are here, what that means both individually and collectively for us, and what we need to do about it, so we can step into our roles for 2017 and sing the songs of Light that we have come here to sing.

With Mercury in Retrograde, December’s New Moon in Capricorn had a much deeper aspect – it is stopping us in our tracks, to withdraw, and go within. The “Christmas Roses” that may adorn our houses or gardens at this time of year the red Poinsettia and white Hellebore also have a deeper message to share, so Love’s message this month is this:

It’s time to get REAL…

As we bid farewell to this nine year cycle, which has been a challenging year for many of us, it is so easy at this time of year to fall into victimhood, denial and escapism. But the New Moon and New Year what beckons is sounding the Call to take action.

With this New Moon we were at another threshold of Light – the Divine Law of the Masculine and Feminine and another step forward into the Divine remembrance of who we are. And it is time now for us to move inward for some serious reflection on what 2016 was all about – and what opportunities 2017 holds for our further awakening.

Reflection and Review

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the sign of maturity and commitment – of going deep. It is asking us to go deep inside of ourselves, to find our Light, to define ourselves, and find what our role in the Age of Aquarius is about.

This year, and particularly in the past three months, life’s experiences have taken us through many levels for transformation. It’s not about staying on the sidelines and observing anymore. It’s about becoming real. It’s not about talking about Love anymore – Capricorn is telling us to make a commitment, a serious commitment to who we are, (the Light) and to our meaningful, soul purpose and step into our roles and make the change in this Age of Aquarius. We all have a responsibility and duty to co-create the future. It is not enough just to think or talk about it anymore.

Whilst this year has taken me to some painful and uncomfortable places at times, these “dramas” were only to show me the places within myself where I was not being the Light WE ARE. Going into the silence and stillness of the Solstice and this festive time of year, I could see where I had grown from those experiences, that gave me the strength and opportunity also to stand up for myself and take things head on that I have not been able to do so before.

An unfolding event I had to go through and experience on Christmas Day showed me where I still had crap to clear out and make some overdue changes. It was a reminder of where we all need to focus on really cleaning up our own lives, to wake up and come to the realisation of what shit, personal story, our shadow aspects, the old stuff and all the bullshit that stands in our way is about, and cut it from our lives. ALL OF IT.

We are not here to be dumped on by others who are not interested or do not want to do their inner work, preferring instead to remain a victim and blame others for their problems, or load their problems onto us. Listen with Love and compassion yes, get emotionally involved no, or even offer wise counsel, but if the other does not want to take it or do anything to change their situation, we need to let them go with Love, bless them and move forward. They will find their own path in their own time and learn through their own pain and suffering.

It is time now for us to focus on the positive and take steps to change the things we need to change. We are here to clean up our act and be free to Love and make the world a better place. Even if we are not ready to live the higher realms right now, just being aware of the shit we carry can help us find compassion and acceptance for ourselves and others, and in being ok with things the way they are.

The Message of the Christmas Roses

There is a powerful message behind the flowers we buy at Christmas or have blooming in our garden at this time of year, and no co-incidence then that one is red and the other is white. The red Poinsettia is often referred to as the Winter Star, and Helleborus Niger, commonly called Christmas Rose or black hellebore, Winter Rose or Snow Rose that blooms in gardens in the UK and Europe. Revered by ancient herbalists, it was used for heart ailments. It also blooms during the darkest months of the year, a reminder too that there is always Light to be found in the darkness.

New Year 2017:

Integration is now a must. We will have many opportunities in 2017 to awaken the Light within through the ongoing dramas and situations we will find ourselves in. In the One Heart there is only one of us here – there is no us and them – just Love not yet recognised. All is a Divine dance to bring us back to the remembrance of who we are.

Our Sacred Heart Circles will recommence on 11th January 2017…a 1.1.1. day. Numerically 2017 is a one year of rebirth, transformation and new beginnings.

The Temple doors of the Black Rose will open on 13th January in preparation for those who are ready to remove the veil of illusion and reclaim their divinity, and commit to do their inner work and clean up their Core Wounds.

A Happy New Year to one and all, old friends and new, who continue to support me by following the blog. May you continue to be blessed by the Light piercing through the darkest of shadows.

Thanks for stopping by, as always, use your own discernment. I look forward to connecting with you in 2017.

In Love, Grace and Service,