Living through these disruptive times where there is need for reform in our health, global, economic and political systems, uncertainty and change can be scary. Whilst transformation can be a frightening and terrifying experience, we know it is necessary for our personal and planetary growth.

The only area we truly have control over in these changing and challenging times is our inner world. More than ever we need to use our practices to strengthen our sense of peace and calm as we continue to work through the old patterns that can lead to fear, distress and anxiety.

Energies are playing out at this time as we are being moved or pushed beyond the old world of the Piscean Age into the new world of the Aquarian Age. It can be painful. To support anyone feeling stressed or anxious, I am sharing a healing meditation I created some years ago to meet and be touched by the “Angel of Peace”. A link is at the end of this article.

So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Facing the unknown and finding inner peace is the only choice we have right now if we want to survive and thrive in these changing times

I have been called to shine a light on a “dis-ease” that is lurking and skulking menacingly in the shadows. A “dis-ease” that is in need of more awareness. With awareness and a compassionate Heart it can be remedied.

We know that all that is not in alignment both in our personal and global world must fall. We can however use this time as an opportunity to further deepen our connection with ourselves, to truly embody and be a compassionate Heart for ourselves and others.

I love the poem “Come to the Edge” by Christopher Logue because it implies a threshold crossing. The ordinary world can no longer sustain us and we come to a point where we have to let go and jump – or be pushed.

Having moved through the 11:11 Gateway old Light Codes are being removed making space for the new. As we approach the Season of Light in December, besides being a season of celebration, it is also a time of reflection. In these challenging times, many are coming or being brought to the edge of themselves and their world as they have known it.

Many are suffering from extreme and excessive anxiety.

What can we do to make a difference?

Living in an outer world of uncertainty about what will happen in the future, can not only lead to anxiety, worry and distress, it can also lead to an inability to function in everyday life.

We can make a difference by doing the inner work.

We can make a difference by finding peace within ourselves regardless of outside circumstances.

Some appear to have given up hope, seeing the world as broken and unfixable. Some perceive they have made no headway at all, struggling to keep their heads above water. Distress if unacknowledged and addressed can lead to serious illness.

Living through a global pandemic with years of anxiety and sacrifice, distress, anxiety and uncertainty have been exacerbated and are affecting people’s mental health.

When we have financial worries and uncertainty about the cost of living crisis and a possible threat to our future, it results in chronic stress which over time has a significant impact on our overall health..

As truths that have been hidden are now coming to Light, some are angry and resentful with politicians, our democratic systems, have a mistrust and distrust of Governments, the media, pharmaceuticals, medical professionals and even the way the Covid pandemic was handled.

A personal and collective wound of Mistrust is playing out.

Whilst mistrust can be a response to feeling betrayed, abandoned and broken promises, it can also result in anger, anxiety, distress and self doubt.

Will you come to the edge and surrender into the void of silence to heal it? Come to the edge….will you? Will you? Will you jump…or be pushed?

What are the illusions we create out of fear?

Whether in personal relationships or the bigger things, if we hold anger, resentment, judgement and mistrust at what we view or know are lies, deceit and manipulation, trust cannot happen when we hold blame or judgment against another.

The thing about mistrust, whether in relationships or authority figures and their actions, is we receive a message loud and clear “They don’t care about us and our welfare”.

Add to the melting pot an unhealed wound of Injustice led by authoritarian leadership (whether in the family as a child growing up or global leadership) and “it’s not fair”…..

An unhealed wound of abandonment from childhood where we learnt to distrust authority figures or our own boundaries and received a message “I don’t trust myself”…

An unhealed wound of betrayal where we have been misled or deceived leading to a distrust in others…..”I don’t trust you”….

This tryst of unhealed wounds Injustice, Abandonment and Betrayal play out within ourselves and can cause havoc if left unchecked.

How many times have we been unjust to ourselves? Deeply criticising and beating ourselves up for all sorts of reasons?

How many times have we abandoned ourselves by doing things just to be liked or be part of a relationship or group?

How many times have we betrayed ourselves in relationships, friendships, or the workplace because we did not want to step out and be on our own?

What we see happening on the outside is a reflection of what needs healing on the inside.

The more we mistrust the more we want to control – ourselves and others.

We can only heal those wounds of mistrust by finding a compassionate Heart for ourselves and doing the inner work. Transformation is terrifying. Throughout my life, as like many, I have come to the edge on many occasions. As in Christopher Logue’s poem, my deepest fear of “we might fall” is that it revealed a deeper truth for me – “I will die”.

How do we stay in our centre when things appear to be falling apart?

What can we do or how can we help those who are so overcome with fear, anxiety, grief or stress?

We build and strengthen a compassionate Heart.

Compassion is defined as “the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering”.

There are many out there, maybe you are one of them that lay awake at night sick with worry in how they will pay their bills, how they will survive. They are at that edge. “we might fall”…..”we will not survive”….”we will die”….

Even with the best intentions things can happen to us that are out of our control, even more so in our current global situation.

How many times have we clung to what we know (or thought we knew through our own blindness) out of fear and familiarity?

How many times have circumstances pushed us off the edge only to learn that we can fly if we hold the outstretched hand of the Divine who acts through us and others in mysterious ways?

Many are suffering and struggling at the moment with the global crisis, mental illness, stress and anxiety.

For those who perhaps feel stressed or anxious, feel on the edge or even in need of some “me time” to relax and find inner peace, even for a short while:

Will you come to the edge and fly with the Angel of Peace?

In 2008 I went to a recording studio to record a meditation CD which was sold through the Mind, Body, Spirit, Fairs I exhibited at under my business name at the time – Angels Tears.

In 2012 when the Light Messenger website was created and I was no longer able to work, I became keenly aware that those in most need of emotional support and help in challenging times were the ones least able to afford it.

Moving into the new paradigm, in 2014 I made a conscious choice to offer this recording free of charge on my website to all. I had chosen to break the chain of separation between those who could afford to buy and those who could not.

In doing so, this is my contribution in service to others towards creating a new world and setting an example that Truth and Love really are free…

“Touched by Peace” will take us on a journey beyond our physical world to meet the Angel of Peace. Open your heart and connect with her healing energy and know, even if we are in the midst of emotional turmoil, distress and anxiety, we are never truly alone.

This is just a small exchange of my gratitude….I humbly and graciously now share it with you. Click here for the meditation

Please feel free to post a comment below or share the link to the meditation and blog to anyone you may know who might be in need of some support right now.

In Love, Grace and Service,