Pretending is over. To walk the path of the Heart, each and every one of us need to balance our masculine and feminine energy within, for until we do, our own unique Divine Plan cannot become anchored and manifest on Earth.

There is an upcoming Full Moon on the 22nd April which will illuminate our emotional well-being. Emotions could be intense so it’s finding ways to embrace that intensity. What I offer here is an invitation to explore a paradigm shift in “healing” and balancing. Whilst this may appear controversial for some, or of no interest to others who are not ready for this work yet, if it does not resonate with you at this time let it go.

From recent conversations, and requests for help that I have received over the past few months, it appears that some at a deep level of their being are acknowledging the need to heal or transform something. Surrendering to the “not knowing” and finding the courage to reach out and ask for help of some kind at this time, is a loving act to self.

It takes immense courage to reach out when we feel closed off or vulnerable. All our deep wounding and unresolved pain, all that we have denied or suppressed, is now being exposed and finding its way to the surface to be LOVED. So Love’s healing message this month for both men and women is this:

For true healing to take place, balance your feminine and masculine energy within

This balancing within is an invitation to bring balance and harmony to the world, which is so essential for global healing and transformation. Yet that healing and transformation of the world first has to start with us – by healing the relationship we have with ourselves and healing our separation from Source and all things sacred. For both men and women, this is about balancing within us the passive female and the aggressive male energy.

The Masculine and Feminine are One energy. Our disconnection from the feminine aspect of “God/Source/All That Is” has left many of us feeling alone, abandoned and unloved. For healing, empowerment and mastery of Self, it is required of us now to correct our alignment to Mother/Father Spirit, and heal our wounds of separation, unworthiness, mistrust and abandonment. To remember our wholeness, before we can bring the masculine and feminine into balance, we must heal our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

Healing our inner Divine Masculine

There can be no transformation without emotion of some kind. Many women at this time appear to be just focusing on the awakening and return of the Divine Feminine, yet it is essential that we do not forget or suppress her counterpart – the Divine Masculine. It is my belief that the violated and wounded connection with our inner masculine and feminine energy is one of the contributing factors to chronic illnesses and dis-ease.

None of us knows for sure what is waiting for us around the next corner. I have spent fifteen years in the healing professions, yet six years ago my body broke down with a crippling disease. It led me to go deeper inside and look at the thoughts, beliefs and habits that had a strong emotional charge on me. I had to surrender to the “not knowing” and had to go even deeper into the repressed feelings that were deeply hidden. They were the ugly shadow side of me, the shame, guilt, anger, resentment and fear that was locked so deep within me.

It was an incredibly freeing process to embrace the parts of me that I had rejected and judged. I deeply sobbed at times and was brought to my knees, but the whole process was very cathartic and freeing. And it is my belief that all disease is a “healing in progress”.

In my humble opinion, it is essential we understand the energetic healing process in that we need to embrace both principles of masculine and feminine and treat them both as equally important. We also need to bring awareness to this neglected aspect of the masculine which is essential for our own healing. The masculine has also been suppressed and damaged over the centuries and this suppression is not unique just to women – men are affected by it too.

We need to look at our deeper connection with the Divine Masculine and the Father Principal. Whether man or woman most of us have been wounded by our male role models, our fathers, partners, the boss or management in the workplace, the church and what we call “The Patriarchy”. We have judged and made them the problem instead of embracing our own feminine and femininity.

The feminine and masculine energies do not necessarily represent the female and male human body as they are also archetypal expressions of a universal pattern of behaviour. The “divine” masculine is our masculine energy at its highest vibration – it is the male part of our actualised Christ consciousness. Many are still carrying unhealed wounds or resistance around the word “Christ” or religion, and we are now being prompted to awaken to a much bigger picture which I will share further down in this blog.

In short, the feminine is our receptive energies, the masculine are our active energies. Whether we are aware of it or not, what is important is that we understand the roles the masculine and feminine energies play in our thinking, our habits, the way we act, the way we speak and the way we behave. It is through the process of the merging of these energies within us that enables us to achieve true spiritual intelligence. It is for this very reason and for humanity’s evolution that we are required to bring them into alignment and balance now, for it is the key to our spiritual growth and ascension, and where our true potential lies.

A Paradigm shift in Healing

A paradigm shift in healing is a shift in consciousness that comes about when something happens which completely changes the way we see the world, or it changes the way in which something previously worked. It basically sweeps everything away that went before us.

For any energy worker now, surely consideration needs to be given to the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies within because as mentioned earlier, they affect not only how we process our energy but how we express it. Healing this connection to inner Divine source is one of the most healing and transformative processes that will bring true, permanent healing. Women can no longer avoid or blame the masculine – we need to look at the unhealed inner masculine within ourselves.

We may carry on regardless, but one thing that keeps us from being authentic and open is our unhealed shame that prevents us from admitting our vulnerability and asking for help when we need it.

And it is that insidious feeling of toxic shame from childhood that is also linked to control and perfectionism. It is underlying shame that makes us believe or feel that we are not good enough, and to avoid these painful feelings we end up controlling ourselves and everything in our lives, but it gives us a false sense of safeness and security. In our need to control, believing it will protect us from getting hurt, we build a wall around our Heart that prevents us from receiving the most graceful, gentle healing energy from finding its way in – LOVE.

We are all being called to heal our childhood traumas, heal and expand our consciousness and understanding, and that means returning to heal the original wound – our perceived separation and disconnection from the Divine.

How the unhealed Inner Masculine can manifest in Women

My name is Linda. I am a recovering Perfectionist, Controller and Critic. These were my inner Patriarchs. There was a time in my life where I used to beat myself up and criticise myself for believing I had done something wrong.

Then my breakdown – and breakthrough came. It swept away everything I had known and believed in before and it changed me from the Inside Out. Life as I knew it would never be the same again.

I used to run myself ragged trying to please others and prove myself in a “man’s world” that I believed did not understand me. I put a lot of pressure on myself where judgement, criticism and shame were all in my head – put there from childhood. Be quiet, don’t be seen – (and I told myself don’t say or do anything to be accused). Karmic echo’s from the witching times! It showed up in my life as criticism. It was also my perfectionism that prevented me from truly connecting with others. It was my unhealed inner Masculine that created a false belief that I was not good enough. My perfectionism hid my vulnerability and kept people at a distance. But at the root of all my fear and anxiety was shame.

We are being called upon now to transcend our ego and make peace with our inner Mother Father aspects and ultimately heal our Inner Child. I broke my silence and shared an untold story when I discovered the unconscious grip of shame in The Importance of Healing our Core Wounds back in 2013 that revealed the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies within me. Yet that story was the story of many, as old suppressed memories, unexpressed grief, and hidden shame began to surface for them too. I may sound like a broken record but one thing is true: it doesn’t matter how many books or blogs we read, nothing will take the place of doing the inner work. If we are unable to do this inner work for ourselves, it may mean moving out of our comfort zone and asking for help.

Illness and Trauma as an Initiation

The sharing I offer here is not intended to replace prescribed medication or a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. However, my initiation into healing and balancing the inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies came through illness and an archetypal journey that was far beyond words. I was unwillingly (at a conscious level) initiated through illness and pulled into the underworld into the darkest parts of my self, but willingly I have worked on healing the deep traumas around my wounds and brought back the gifts that I willingly share with you now.

The blessing was to recognise the sacred feminine within me wanting to be heard, healed, the importance of balancing our masculine and feminine energies within for true healing, and the sacred instructions that were being given me.

One of those sacred instructions I was given was to bring back and offer a shift in perspective and consciousness on what illness and true healing is about. I have walked both worlds. I have played the role of a “hands on” energy healer and Teacher of Holistic and alternative therapies, and being on the receiving end of living with illness in my body. The truth is the I AM of me is not broken, does not need healing and is perfectly whole. It taught me to embrace the challenges of diversity, and to live life regardless of those challenges.

I often refer to rheumatoid arthritis as my “friend”. Some have difficulty understanding this concept, let alone accept it, so when people say why on earth could you refer to something so disabling and debilitating as your friend my response to them is this.

If we are all One and we are connected to everything, why wouldn’t we invite illness and disease in as our friend? To make an enemy of it keeps us in separation and disconnection. It only becomes illness and disease when we label it so, putting us or our clients into victim mode. And the first thing people want to do, even though well meaning and good intentioned, is to “kill it” or get rid of it. Why would we want to fight and push Love away like that? Illness and disease is an absence of Love and a call to us to invite Love in.

When we understand, and accept, that EVERYTHING is Love – or an ABSENCE of Love, we understand the body/mind connection and that our painful emotions and ill health is our souls cry to balance the unhealed masculine and feminine aspects within, heal separation and limitation that has been created of the mind, and listen and claim the Wisdom of the feeling, Feminine Heart.

Illness for me was my symbolic “death and resurrection”, an initiation for the evolution of my soul into power through the flushing out and bringing to the surface the unhealed masculine and wounded feminine within, buried memories, unshed tears, distorted thoughts and beliefs. It was my catalyst for change. I am not my body as my body has its own perfect wisdom. Healing is not about going outside our Self for energy – it is about finding that healing energy within. And as Teachers, Practitioners or Therapists, we need to be showing our students and clients how to access that energy and make that Divine connection for themselves.

It is my belief that all illness and disease is the body’s way of trying to heal itself, so why would I be arrogant enough to get rid of it before Love has shared its sacred message with me? Rheumatoid arthritis was a wake-up call and a sacred invitation to heal old wounds and the traumas of childhood that had closed my Heart. But the true grace and blessing from illness was that it opened my Heart. It gave me the opportunity to forgive those that I believed had harmed me, and to serve in a different and much deeper meaningful way.

The message in the importance of healing our core wounds is that we can “heal” everything. When we learn to put an end to separation by labelling things as good or bad, and understand and accept that everything that happens is some form of Love to enable our spiritual growth and evolution, then we become truly healed.  We are all here to transform what is dense and dysfunctional, and strengthen our Light body within.

We have to work on health at all levels – spiritual, psychic, physical, mental and emotional, and I also believe that part of the reason RA manifested in my body is to offer a paradigm shift in healing and support others who are open and willing to the possibility of seeing from a different mindset new ways of what the deeper meaning of what illness and disease is about – the balancing of the unhealed masculine and feminine energies within. I believe that the reason people do not heal is because their attitude to their illness has not been addressed.

The Immune System

I believe that we have an immune system on the spiritual level too – based on our subconscious minds. My blood got poisoned and my body became crippled and immobilised to bring me face to face with myself and how I had separated and became disconnected from my inner Source. My crippled inflamed hands and poisoned body was the outer expression mirroring back to me where I had been crippled by my destructive feelings, all the suppressed anger, ignorance, and inner crippling and immobilising toxic thoughts, believes and negative emotions from the past that my ego had given power too, suppressing the “fire” of Divine creativity that was wanting to find it’s expression in the outside world.

Whist others may try to help us, or we may be fortunate to find others on the outside that can help us with this inner work, the truth is it is our soul that brings us to that place of healing. Our power comes from that sacred place within and the only way to heal is to put trust and faith in our Hearts and relinquish all the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that have crippled us. We have to find our way to change our attitudes that keep our minds sick. When we have done this work, then we are ready to move forward and share our gifts with the world.

The lesson of illness for me was to stop fighting, love myself and let go of trying to control life. I had to learn to accept change and all the changes that illness brings because life can change for anyone in the blink of an eye – but also to allow my soul to bring forth and express its divine truth and beauty through me. There are no accidents or co-incidences in life. Everything that happens to us is an invitation to remember the truth of who we are.

The Path of the Heart

The Sacred Feminine first came knock-knock-knocking on my door to open my Heart in 1999. The Goddess has many faces but unfortunately, as a non-christian, my egoic mind, ignorance of the Divine Feminine at that time, and unhealed wounds around religion rendered me too blind to see her when she first presented herself in the image of St Hilda, the Abbess of my Beloved Whitby…a great mystic, leader, and Teacher of her time and a beacon of Light in the Dark Ages who was renowned for her wisdom and called “Mother” by many. Hilda founded a community and monastery of both men and women.

Unveiling our true essence is the greatest gift of Love we can give to ourselves. Many Masters of Wisdom show us ways on how to transform our hearts and minds and create the happiness we seek, yet it is down to us to do that inner work.

A great misunderstanding has ensued regarding the teachings of Yeshua, the Hebrew and Aramaic name of Jesus. The point he was trying to convey was that everyone possesses divine power, it is a gift to ALL Humans but it has to be cultivated.

Instead of accepting the teachings and doctrines of all world religion which was the principles of Oneness and Reverence for ALL life, we allowed our human egos’ to distort the Truth and the teachings were lost. The great tragedy of all this is that what was handed down as the teachings of Christ, our egos’ distortion of the Truth has meant that Humanity has been manipulated through separation and fear for the past 2000 years.

To regain our Christ Selves is to open our hearts to allow the return of Mother God’s Love –balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within our hearts and head is the key to Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness. Yeshua and the Magdalene are the Essene role models for our day. The Essene way to the heart is the ascension gateway to the seat of our Christ consciousness.

“The Divine Feminine” is also a metaphor for the return to “higher consciousness”, although there is no “higher or lower”. There is no separation in terms of consciousness levels – we are all One. What this means is that we seek balance between the male and female aspects of the Self. When we find that balance, we come into our own power.

The archetypal energy of Mary Magdalene has also come forth to help shine the Light on the great imbalance between the masculine and feminine. If we can drop our judgements around religion we see that whilst the person Mary Magdalene can be different images to many people, she also appeared to be a leading woman and Teacher of her time (and ours too). Her story is our story.

The treasure of the Heart and the healing power within is through the emotions, for all emotions must be felt if we want to access a deeper level of healing. It is not enough just to quieten our minds, for at some point we will all have to look at the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves that we have not yet learned to Love. As we learn to see with adult eyes and face our emotions and traumatic events that we have locked away, we can still bring safety, comfort and Love to our inner child who is still feeling overwhelmed. Shame can hide behind a cloak of invisibility, fear behind anxiety, whilst anger can disguise itself as aloofness. Unveiling the emotion that lies behind our masks and behaviour can be life changing.

We all have a choice whether to follow the path of the Heart, and for me it has taken me on an inner journey of discovery. I did not search for the Magdalene, or any other faces of the Divine Feminine – I heard the Call. In 2011 I was presented with a white Rose in a vision – the Rose being the symbol and calling card of the Divine Feminine.

In 2014 work started on revamping my website. It was during this time my web designer contacted me to say that whilst he was working on reversing one of the images, he noticed it had created an interesting “M” in the middle. When I opened the image my Heart jumped. For above the letter “M” appeared to be what looked like a chalice. I took it as a “sign” and confirmation of the Magdalene’s spiritual presence and energy that was re-emerging on the planet at this time.

I am dedicated to help restore the divine feminine to her rightful place by delivering Love’s healing messages to support people in finding a deeper understanding of themselves through these blogs, Ceremonies, Gatherings and powerful meditations.

None of us need to live in fear or shame any longer, neither do we need to feel unseen or heard.  There is much work for the awakening to be done in all of us. Have you heard the call? More to the point, will you respond? If you have not done so already, have you the courage to embrace your shadow so that together we can embrace the shadow of the world? It is only through healing our own wounding that we allow our own divine Light to shine through to not only connect us to all things, but connect us at a much deeper and more meaningful level.

In Love and Grace,