On the 30th August at 11.37am UK time, a beautiful Portal of a Black Moon is opening. If we are willing to stop resisting and step into the unknown with this celestial being gracing our skies, we will be gifted with an opportunity into the mysteries of a Black Moon to realign us with our Divine purpose.

Many of us have been recalibrated in one way or another with a sense of being between two worlds as there is no going back to the past. Lessons have been learned, we have become a changed person. The energies from this powerful Super New Black Moon is pure alchemy, bringing forth our ancient wisdom and knowledge, as well as our creative works and dream state into manifestation.

Yet there is also a sense that we are all over the place, of feeling a bit lost after our calibration, sitting at a crossroads or on the train station waiting for the next train to arrive yet not knowing when it is coming. Tapping into the energy of this Black Moon can assist us to release all that has held us back and prevented us from moving forward.

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

It’s time to bring back your soul’s Light and power.

Reclaim your crown from the thieves that stole it

The mysteries of a Black Moon are often misinterpreted by some who project their own fears onto a Black Moon, associating it with “dark forces”. I am referring to a Black Moon when there are two New Moons in a month. The second is referred to as the Black Moon. We are being invited to journey within on a Black Moon, for energetically she embodies the death and rebirth cycle.

This is a beautiful cleansing Moon as anything within us that remains hidden or unknown either has power for us or over us. What we have now is the dumping of a mass trauma, all of our life traumas are being rolled into one.

In 2018 I wrote of the dance between an empath and narcissist, the most painful trauma yet powerful journey I have ever had to take and recover from that affected me on all levels, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, psychically and physically. As with all “death” and “rebirth” experiences, this experience enabled me to bring forth the gift of revelation and clear understanding.

We have to see what we have lost in times past or forgotten and acknowledge that, so we can return once again to our highest vibration. That ancient wisdom sitting in our psyche is waiting to be awakened again and brought forward to be anchored onto the earth in our own unique way.

Many who are awakened are being called in one way or another to assist those that find themselves at a crossroads. Our own life purpose is awakening so that we may assist others.

The Black Moon

This Black Moon is giving us an opportunity to see the Light in the dark of any issue and heal the inner child wound so we can unlock and manifest our creative ideas and bring forth and express our own essence.

It is an invitation to heal our shadow side, that part of us that drives our actions and choices. It is often our own lack of awareness that keeps us trapped in cycles of behaviour that are self defeating, self sabotaging and self harming.

A Black Moon is the mystery of our sleep time and our dream time and working with the energies can enhance our dream state too. A Black Moon is empowering because it brings all things subconscious and of those things yet to be revealed to us to the light.

So under a Black Moon we are offered an invitation for healing. For example, when we become aware of our patterns of over giving or people pleasing, even patterns of resistance or enabling, or a fear of completing that book we started writing, when we become aware of these unconscious patterns within us, we can reclaim our own wisdom and power by breaking the patterns of the past and transcend them.

These patterns are the thieves that stole our power and held us back, preventing us from moving forward.

A Black Moon, like the Black Rose, reveals a path to wholeness when we have acknowledged all our pain and suffering and unexpressed grief.

Both the Black Moon and Black Rose reveal our connection and disconnection to Source and the source of all Love and abundance in the universe. When we can recognise or become aware of our shadow side, we can move beyond it and claim our personal power that has been trapped there.

When we start to see the ways in which we hold ourselves back and the motivations that lay behind many of our actions and responses, empowered with this knowledge we can then make the positive changes that are required to move our lives forward in alignment with what serves our greatest and highest good.

We can use the energies of this feminine Moon to tap into our dream state too. If you feel inclined to do so, before you fall asleep call upon the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy, your spirit guides or totem animals you may connect with, including angels or Ascended Masters. Then ask them to send you a message through your dream time.

When we look to the outside it is easy to get enmeshed in the collapse of the world order that is happening and it is triggering the grief process for many.

At this Black Moon we have a wonderful opportunity for healing to go within and examine our own personal traumas, to break the old patterns of the past that stole our power like a thief in the night.

Black Moon Heart offering

I recently made a Black Rose aura spray to bring forth the unhealed wounds of the Heart, unacknowledged grief, suppressed emotions and emotional burdens of the Heart. I have one to offer as a gift but due to the cost of postage, I can only offer this at the moment to the UK readers subscribed to the blog.

If you feel drawn to receive this gift, please email me within the next week. All names will go into a draw and the person it is meant for will be notified accordingly.

If this article has resonated with you in some way, please feel free to share in the comments below.

In Love, Grace and Service,