As many around the world watched the Lady of Paris burn and we saw the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral unfold, before our very eyes we all experienced a Tower moment as many looked on in sadness and grief at the fall of the central spire.

Before the embers had been put out, a pledge had been made to rebuild. As the world weeps in collective loss and grief, for those who are going through personal challenges at this time where things seem to be breaking down and falling apart, the message to rebuild a new structure in our lives is being highlighted.

No matter how devastating and painful, the Lady of Paris will be resurrected and rise again from the ashes. And so will we all.

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Rebuild a new structure.

The old has to be released.

We have to go through pain to get new life. As Our Lady of Notre Dame releases her old relics and stories, so must we. There is a great collective shift happening.

We see unfolding in the “City of Lights” collective grief. As tourists and Parisians looked on in shock and tears, all around the world it has brought compassion and funds pouring in for the Cathedral’s restoration. When one nation hurts, others hurt too.

It has also brought prophecies forth too that Nostradamus predicted this fire – the astrology is also uncanny.

It’s all about the Heart

Seven sacred Cathedrals correspond with seven celestial orbs: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Over the past year I have had helpful friends take a Black Rose to certain destinations and Cathedrals so as to open the Diamond Portals of energy for the release of grief and the releasing of ancient energies along the Rose lines through the UK and France in these Temples of Light.

As we move into the Easter holidays, metaphorically it is time “to take Christ down from the cross” and release the “crucifixion” archetype within our bodies that keep us stuck in the past of suffering and self sacrificing. Christ did not want us to suffer….and neither did the Magdalene. It is time to start over. It is time to rebuild.

If we believe in “God’s Plan” and that there are no such things as co-incidence, then somewhere within our Hearts we must find acceptance in there is higher purpose for the collective in the burning of this iconic structure, and that all that has been “lost” in the “Holy Fires” of this Lady, have not been in vain.

As above, so below. As within, so without. The burning of this iconic building is an outer expression of what is on fire and burning within ourselves. What are you resisting and holding onto? Is it an emotion, a person, a habit, an old pattern of programming….what needs to burn away, released and rebuilt?

For me, much has been “burned away” both within and without. Some weeks ago I became aware of an old pattern of co-dependency where I had tolerated another’s behaviour for the payoffs. At the time, I had not been aware of this pattern playing out, and I had also been shown the releasing of ancient energies from the Pleiades within myself. I too am in the process of rebuilding.

Look for the Higher Perspective

As France looks to save and restore this iconic monument of Notre Dame, we as humanity are faced with monumental issues to save and restore the world – and that requires each and everyone of us to show up.

If you are faced with a big challenge at the moment, you are being shown that it is time to build a new structure in your life for yourself. And if you believe you created the mess you find yourself in, can you be open to the possibility that you did not create it – it was a mission you were given by the Divine?

To believe that someone created cancer or any other major disease in their body or that they created the “bad” things in their life, keeps the person stuck in blame, shame and guilt.

When we can turn it around and be caring to ourselves, we can view the challenge from a higher perspective and become free from healing. As we each move towards collective healing with Love in our Hearts the illusion that we created it will crumble and fall. We are just being guided to build a new structure for ourselves, more beautiful than the last, that we may evolve and grow and help others through our own experiences.

And like the Angel statues that were airlifted away from Notre Dame a few days before the fire broke out for restoration, we too have been given the wings to fly. It’s time to use them.

Easter’s Gift

If you are or have been holding onto unexpressed emotions or unacknowledged grief, I offer the following as a gift from the Black Rose.

If you feel drawn to connect with the Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose to clear things around your emotional body, with your arms held out at your side and palms facing upwards, visualise in front of you a Black Rose within a Diamond shape filled with Black Light and the Rose Codes of the Divine Feminine.

The base of the diamond is in alignment with the Earth Star below your feet. The top of the diamond is in alignment with your Soul Star just above your head.

The two points on the left and right of the diamond are in alignment with your left and right hand.

Create your own Pillar of Light from your Earth Star up through your Heart and up to your Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway.

Open your Heart to the blessings of the Black Rose, and ask the Divine Mother to show you what needs releasing. If uncomfortable feelings come up, sit with them and acknowledge them, for they are asking to be felt with the Heart so they can be released.

In Love, Grace and Service,