As we reach the Trinity of Light Portal 333, a Stargate activation of the Christ Consciousness, we have an opportunity to now merge the past, present and future within ourselves.

There is a sacred alchemy – and a sacred rage coming in with this Light. We know we are all capable of holding this Light, but now it’s time to merge those higher aspects of ourselves.

The trinity encompasses the Mother, Father and child (sons and daughters). I feel the energy of this portal will awaken us to all that is dormant within – including rage and creative ideas.

As I shared last month in dealing with a health challenge, my body, like everyone’s, is being cleansed and repaired from the damage our bodies have endured so more of the 5D energies and beyond can be anchored on the Earth.

So Love’s message for this month is this:

Keep pushing forward – it’s time to step up and emanate Love

This Portal is one of Truth, integrity and Love. The Trinity, whether we see it as Mother, Father, child, mind, body and Soul, the three fold Flame within our Hearts, this portal connects us to the Galactic energies of the Universe and to the light codes and frequencies that are so desperately needed now for healing and activation.

Some believe the true Holy Trinity was distorted within the Matrix of illusion that put the power into masculine God and not a Mother/Father God.

Whatever our beliefs, the frequencies of the 333 enable us to travel through the multi-dimensional realms for healing as well as communication.

Although I am in a place of rest at the moment, I am not stagnant and have been able to access another level for healing. Whatever comes up for us physically and emotionally must be looked at. I will be sharing in the future what was behind my current health challenge and the revelations gleaned from it.

Whilst we are receiving vast amounts of Light energy, it is pushing up all that is not in alignment within us. For me, these energies have been felt over the past five weeks, coming through as colour frequencies and fibonacci patterns.

We must all follow our Heart and Soul with integrity and Love and I sense that what is coming will also bring a lot of disruption for the collective (sacred rage and fear) as the dirt is being dished out on certain individuals, but we must not forget that Light will always illuminate the dark, so anything we are holding onto will have nowhere to hide.

Many of us have been buffeted and it is time for us to end the battles, the trials and tribulations. This 333 Portal is bringing completion and those that have survived the trials and having transmuted through the nigredo, are coming forth now as pure gold.

Sacred Rage

Things are happening on this planet right now where a lot of “darkness” is coming to Light as the veils are being lifted.

The Divine Feminine is showing us to connect with our fierceness by letting go of old stories. Some of those old stories include the ones that have taught us to be “nice” above all else. Silence is no longer an option, but sacred rage is not about self righteousness and vengeance.

We see animals being hunted and killed for some trophy, corruption is all over the place and people are suffering. As I see my body that became toxic and abused by ignorance, I see it reflected in the outside world. And that sacred rage burns within me as I continually work on myself to not lash out in anger, but learning to transform it as a powerful force for justice.

There is no room for complacency now. Many have said March 2019 will be a game changer, but it is imperative we each prioritise our own frequency into 5D consciousness. That means taking accountability and releasing any thoughts or ideas of victimization and fear.

We are at a turning point. Will we fall into judgement or rage at what is soon to be revealed?

Or will we use it wisely and still emanate Love?

Winds of change

I received a message for the collective in a dream a few days ago and was given “Location House”. Whilst it is not about putting an interpretation on this and distorting the message, I got a sense Location House was the Heart and we are being asked to focus now on emanating Love at all times.

In the UK the 333 Portal of Light has come in on a storm which has been named Freya. The Lioness roars as does the Lion, bringing in wholeness, the ability to co-operate with one another and collaborate, and being Love in action – no matter the destruction.

Astrologically we are in for a big week ahead. Laughter and light-heartedness are my tools to get me through some tough stuff. So my mantra, no matter what turns up in my life, it is this.

I choose Love.

With Love, Grace and Service,