Mary Magdalene’s first bloom of the season here in my garden came just in time for the Lunar/flower Full Moon Eclipse on the 15th/16th May. Those going through challenges at the moment whether it be health issues, a forced home move, or having to part ways with someone or something that is no longer serving us, her message was very clear.

It can be tough having to take responsibility to face our fears with the emotional maturity that is needed, yet face them we must. I too have been struggling with some unwelcome news regarding a health issue that left me in a complete tail spin, with the image of an old Spitfire from WW2 that had been hit by enemy fire, tumbling out of control from the skies.

The New Moon on the 30th May is bringing an end to the heavy energies of the Eclipse season. Until now I have not been able to write for awhile feeling totally overwhelmed and anxious by it all and that it was all too much, I finally got the lesson from the Magdalene Rose. So the healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Take a deep breath….and step out of Time

When I took the photo of the Mary Magdalene Rose in my garden, it was not until I uploaded it on my computer to post on my Facebook page with her message that I noticed in the top right hand corner were the reflection of the sun’s rays beaming down. No co-incidence I thought and how appropriate at the time of the Eclipse.

Magdalene’s first bloom unfurled during a few days of unseasonal hot weather we had here in the UK and within three days she came and she went, withered, and died. In a puff of smoke, or gust of wind to be precise, having served her purpose she was gone.

So taking a deep breath and stepping out of time, I got to thinking about that Spitfire I saw in that image. What gave WW2 pilots the courage to go on a mission, not knowing whether they would return to live another day or die?

Upon researching, apparently the Spitfire came to represent defiance and courage and became a symbol of victory. It transpires the word itself supposedly “dated from Elizabethan times and alluded to a fiery, savagely fierce type of person – usually a woman”. Hmmm. Was the universe having a laugh or reminding me to embrace my power and Sovereignty?!

The House of Fearless Love

Mother’s Love casts out all fear. The sun’s rays in that photo were reminding me that the Universe is holding me, as it does all of us, even in those times of challenge and wobble. As I return to that photo I see She was not only offering emotional healing, She was offering the gifts of presence, of hope, that all is not all it seems and that All Is Well.

As I looked deeper into the Magdalene Rose I felt I was entering an inner sanctum, a sacred place of safety and protection. A house of fearless Love, where what needed to arise to arise with no judgement and be ok with that.

And then I had an enlightening moment as to what was causing my distress. WARNING ALERT: I share this because we are not always aware of the trauma held within our bodies, until we are presented with a situation or event that triggers the same unacknowledged and unexpressed feelings we felt around the time of the original trauma.

We may find ourselves reacting to something that seems totally out of context to where we are now or what we are now experiencing. In those situations we can ask ourselves,

Is my past informing my present?

Three years ago I experienced distressing, invasive, personal medical procedures and treatments that caused at times intensely painful physical pain, as well as mental and emotional distress that took its toll on my body. I felt traumatized at the time and the mention of a further invasive procedure recently for something else sent me into a tailspin.

Feelings of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, loss and grief are normal feelings for anyone coming to terms with a disease. Then it’s dealing with the harsh effects of treatment and the daily struggle of uncertainty between life and death if it’s a life threatening disease. This uncertainty and trauma can still be festering in the back ground years after treatment.

Then there are the extreme life changes to contend with that have been brought on by medical treatment or medical traumas. Once I realised that my past experiences were colouring my views on current medical procedures, I could make my own informed decision – not a forced one.

The House of Fearless Love brings us back to ourselves to remind us to enjoy what we have in this moment. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us and it’s about enjoying what we have for as long as we have it.

Putting our trust in the power of the Universe and knowing that our needs will be met, we can relax knowing there is a gentle hand of unseen forces at play for our greatest and highest good. The energies of the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th May will hopefully bring us some well earned fresh air.

New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon is gifting us an opportunity to integrate all that has unfolded during the Eclipse season. Another gift from the Magdalene Rose and her healing message in the House of Fearless Love, was I felt she was preparing me (us) for the upcoming Lunar energies.

There is no rush. I am taking my time to not make any hasty decisions or to accept something that is in what someone else thinks is in my best interest – not my own.

When we feel overwhelmed, anxious or that things are too much, Magdalene’s Rose beckons us into the Mother’s House of Fearless Love that we may clear our mind of repetitive thoughts and obsessively over thinking things, so that we may bring our attention to the sacred breath and present moment.

For a while I was not in alignment with who I am. It knocked me out of the present moment and into a past that caused me stress and into a future that’s not happened yet, causing me anxiety.

I am reminded of Castor and Pollux, the twins of Gemini, two of the brightest stars in the Constellation. One was a good horseman and the other a fighter, yet both good warriors.

I am not a victim of circumstance and neither is anyone. We just need the time to process and reflect on what’s happened sometimes before we can move forward. One thing is for sure.

We will always have fear on our shoulder. I don’t need to beat myself up or feel shame for admitting that I felt scared. When I am ready to make a decision and move forward I can do so in the knowing that fear is present and that’s ok too.

Whatever is going on in your world, is there a fear you are consciously or unconsciously feeding? May the House of Fearless Love bring you comfort and peace.

In Love, Grace and Service,