The energies over the last few weeks have been emotionally intense for a lot of us, and everyone is harnessing that energy in one way or another and transforming it as we make our way through them as best we can. February so far has been a month of unfolding as we open to a deeper level of depth and understanding.

The Gateway between the Lunar Eclipse of last month and the partial Solar Eclipse of the New Moon on the 15th February has brought sweeping changes for many, sometimes abruptly and without warning, keeping us in a state of worry or anxiety as timelines are continuing to collapse, leaving our bodies in a state of tension.

There appears to be a karmic debt being played out that requires our attention, whether that is to do with family issues, relationships, health or money that at some level is triggering our basic survival instincts. As well as healing something bigger there are some hard lessons to learn for some of us, as we have been shown through outside influences.

If we are doing the work of deeper inner inquiry, the energies of February have shown us so much about ourselves as to where we have closed our Hearts or are not in alignment with LOVE, as the death of the ego continues to unfold.

So Love’s message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Truth is coming out

The truth will set us free

February’s partial Solar Eclipse is a huge initiation. It is about soul centred self awareness, freedom and choice. This Eclipse marks a new season of growth and is asking us to accept and love ourselves more by being present to what we are being presented with in our lives, because it is drawing a line in the sand between the past and our future.

It is my belief that certain things lay dormant in our subconscious and become “active” during trauma or life changing events. Continuing the theme of what’s “unfinished” in our lives, particularly around family or relationships, it is a time to clean out and resolve now all that has been hampering our progress.

The Dark Mother has paid a visit to many of us this month (including me!) bringing a death and rebirth with these energies. Since my mum transitioned last month, I have felt a lot of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, an ache in my Heart, and tension in my energy field that appeared at times unrelenting.

As I hinted at in last month’s blog, the unfinished business around relationships of any kind, sibling or sisterhood wounding, has been coming up for many of us. I was at peace with my mum yet I was feeling deeply hurt at the way things had been handled around my mum’s funeral, yet this has been a great learning, a great opportunity, providing greater clarity and closure.

We are here to learn lessons and so we go through trauma based scenarios to learn those lessons so our power can be initiated. We have to learn to detach from our personal ingrained pattern that we have accumulated from life time to life time, and now we have to step out of our way and rise above the mental and physical and back into our true soul level work.

Coming back to LOVE

It is never about another. It is we ourselves that is the root cause of all relationship issues and we need to take full responsibility for that instead of projecting our own pain onto others and blaming them. We have to release the places within us that tell us that we have the right to put our will and expectations onto others.

Others are not responsible for how we feel, we are. Whilst it is not about fixing anyone or any relationship, we have to take ownership in repairing the relationship we have with our own best friend first – the inner child.

Past life patterns and what has become deeply ingrained in our DNA is arising to the surface. To move into the Age of Aquarius we have to let go of the Age of Pisces and let go of past life ingrained patterns. Before we can release the patterns though, we have to see the patterns!

We are seeing with this partial New Moon Eclipse the Light shining through the dark. The Sun and the Moon are eclipsing our destiny. It is a destiny that is asking us, men and women, to take back our personal power and find our soul tribe that is like minded.

We all have a lot of learning to do right now, and that learning has to be moved towards self awareness and self discipline, otherwise it we will fall short of the collective mission – this time is about togetherness and uniting on a global level. We are in the culmination of a cycle that is ending and not all of it is going to be easy, as truth regarding relationships is coming to the surface.

Coming into Focus

This New Moon is also about communication and a desire to form strong bonds with others. The more we can be ourselves it will lead us towards people who appreciate us for who we truly are. We want to be back together with them to join forces in a High Mind Heart consciousness, where each of us is laying the foundation to a new path that realises we have moved from life time to life time together.

Sibling trauma is universal and for women can affect many of our adult friendships with other women. The Sisterhood wound, as shared in the e-book on the Black Rose, is a wound many of us women carry, and in its unhealed form is the root cause of the mixed feelings and distrust we feel towards other women in the larger domain of extended sisterhood with other females as comparison, competition and conflict continue to play out.

Whether we are prepared to admit it or not, the Feminine has also held and suppressed a lot of anger, which not only leads to physical health issues, when we deny that anger, we deny the truth of who we truly are. And under all anger, apart from feelings of powerlessness, there is also a deep sense of unresolved grief yet we may not be able to put our finger on it. It is time now for this shadow and insidious pattern to be lifted and integrated.

Uncovering the power of sibling relationships also reveals a new perspective on female connection, female identity and conflict within sisterhood. Even if we don’t have siblings, this pattern can still play out amongst women and with their female connections. In this pattern of sisterhood wounding we are faced with the fear of loss through losing Love, and through personal rejection, the fear of annihilation – the feeling of being cast out and exiled from the tribe (the family).

Collapsing Timelines

We made a commitment to fall into amnesia so we could remember who we are. There appears to be a big timeline collapsing around relationships this month, whether that is relationship to people, family, to money, or relationships of all kinds. As in sisterhood wounding, one of our biggest sources of distrust is within our relationships. It is the source of our original wounding, and anxiety comes from a fear that we will be hurt all over again.

It can be really challenging for us to trust letting go of something that would lead to something better or different. The thing about timelines around relationships that we are not happy with, is that they will collapse so we can move into the new whether the relationship is intact…or not.

We are all part of the collective Dark Night of the Soul in uncharted territory, finding our way through by putting one foot in front of the other. Trusting in the deep mystery that is unfolding will help us to not take things personally because there is much deeper inner work and purging to come over the next six months as the energies of these Eclipses will continue to be felt.

Beginning of a new Chapter

We are all being presented with an invitation to align with the Higher Mind. The truth is there is no confusion…we already know. We get it. Which way will we go? Can we be OK with where we are? What dimension are we in?

There is a collective significance to this partial Solar Eclipse….debts need to be paid and there is a metamorphosis happening in both the masculine and feminine energies into soul consciousness. We have really been faced with a showdown this month between the self that is evolving, and the self that is being held back by past incarnations.

So take everything you experience and form a vessel that is hardy and strong, and put in every difficult emotion you have got. Accept it. Process it. How do you choose to see those experiences? We have to look at all the darkness and all of the Light otherwise we just turn a blind eye to what is real.

The more loss, trauma, tragedy, the more neglect and abuse we have experienced, the richer our soul becomes. So if you have had an easy life don’t judge those who have been through these types of experiences, because collective karma, the Time Lord himself, chooses carefully who can merge with this type of embodiment.

I would not have consciously chosen what I have had to experience in life. Yet the mark of a master soul who has survived it the hard way had to have the pure guts and courage to take things further for the collective. And take it further I continue to do with each painful death and rebirth through my own life experiences.

The death experience at its most intense will take you towards monumental breakthroughs, and when you achieve that breakthrough you will realise it is a collective ingrained issue, and when you free yourself from that ingrained issue of a past life pattern, you free everybody.

Coming to Completion

A lot of Portals have been opened at this time to get beyond the Shadows that can also bring lessons in humility. This is the end of one cycle and the start of the next. We have to go deep inside and remember everything and we have the power to transmute it all.

The Black Rose holds beautiful space for this time. The past no longer needs to define us, for the current energies of Love and illumination are just pushing any feelings of doubt or anxiety to the surface to be felt, healed and moved through.

We eventually see people for who they are, we understand them, and it is simply saying to ourselves I accept you for who you are. You have shown me who you are, and I accept that I know how far to go with you. I know how distant I need to be with you and we can leave that there. We can still love others from a distance.

The Prayer of Serenity comes to mind during this partial Eclipse, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can…and Wisdom to know the difference.

Solar Eclipses can be a time of excitement and invigoration too. It’s time to stop worrying about things we cannot change and change the things we can. All the tension we have been suppressing is asking to be acknowledged and released and breaking the chains that have been holding us back.

Whilst Eclipses can heighten emotions, this eclipse season is providing revelation on many levels for all of us. This partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is also planting new seeds. Compassion and forgiveness is on its way as the month progresses, so allow those mystical signposts that turn up to illumine our way.

There is an alignment of celestial bodies by the end of the month, so may February bring us the grace, blessings and loving care for inspiration, guidance and healing.

We have to go down into the underworld so we can discover the Light which is Truth. We have to face it without fear. We are all being challenged and motivated. So deepen into the unknown. Dive deep and deepen into the darkness. For there we may find a seed of an idea that is waiting to meet us…waiting patiently to blossom.

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In Love, Grace and Service,