Be not afraid of the changes (or challenges) that are happening around you or even to you, because change comes in many forms through our lives. If you are listening, it is not only through these challenges that show us our ability or inability to see beyond our patterns of thinking and behaving, they are also showing up to reveal our true divinity. That is the gift behind the mask you wear…fear has many faces and is our most powerful of emotions, yet the opportunity we are now being given from these challenges is to remain firmly in the vibration of love and not to get distracted or caught up in the story around us.

I believe through these challenges we are now being given the opportunity to connect more with the transforming energies of Light that we are all being gifted with so as to purge all our previous perceived  limitations, illusions and self punishment that have kept us stuck in repeat and return patterns of behaviour for eons.

These challenges and their outcomes, which are bringing up all sorts of emotions for us, are in fact divinely guided…they are Divine Love in action. Their purpose is to shift us, to become a creator rather than a victim, bring us back into alignment, to claim, and stand in our own power, so that just like a radio wave we get to “re-tune” ourselves and BE who we are…our true Light, the Light of the Creator.

This article is for anyone having to deal with an unexpected challenge of some kind, who may be coping with the loss of a friend, or grief, worry, anxiety and fear that is coming up through these outside events. Some of these traumatic challenges are showing up in bazaar and seemingly unexpected ways, so this article is to bring to awareness what these challenges and the voice of pain are about…and their higher purpose.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who expressed his opinion on unresolved emotions and the synchronicity of karma once said;

“When an inner situation is not made conscious…

It appears outside as fate.”

Whether you believe in karma and fate or not, the subconscious mind is the most powerful point of energy and discernment known. Maybe you have had a devastating experience happen to you recently or maybe it lies in the distant past, whatever has shown up now is an indication that there is something to be released, aligned, and retuned. When we are not in alignment with the Light it is our imprinting and false beliefs that can leave us feeling out of balance and not in control of our lives, taking us instead into our pain body of stress, negative feelings and emotions.

It is during these challenging events that we forget who we truly are, and if we are not aware it is easy to fall into the old patterns of “I am a victim” and “they are the perpetrator.” Whatever the level of challenge you may be facing, it may involve a “loss” of some kind. Whether you believe it or not or whether you are aware of it or not, there is a purging, sacred Light of Divine energy streaming forth into the hearts and minds of everyone on Earth at the moment. This is making it possible now for another great leap for us as individuals and for humanity to live from our hearts and see the truth, so we can release the traumas and burdens of the past and the conflicting inner battles that have been so entrenched within most of us and have kept us stuck.

Embracing Challenges

The truth is personal challenges always bring up our emotional baggage, and all the things we would rather not look at and claim as our own. I believe that what is showing up for a lot of us now through our challenges is to enable us to become a Master of Love and move more into our hearts. By staring fear and pain in the face, we can say I will be a passive victim no more as a result of my distorted beliefs, limitations and illusions…and I now honour and embrace this experience so I can claim back my power and magnificence that I gave away in the past.

Coming out on the other side of a recent challenge myself, by remaining in the vibration of Love it enabled me to focus on and see the truth of what was happening, instead of what appeared to be happening TO me. Remaining understanding and compassionate when another had tried to take advantage of me, and trusting there was a higher purpose as to why it happened, it enabled me to practice mastering Love and forgiveness towards another who became caught up in the reactive behaviour of fear, and who was hell bent on twisting the truth and blaming me for what went wrong. It also enabled me to look at my own patterns of self punishment…again.

I also believe that what we are now being given, if we but surrender and allow, is the chance to “put right”, cleanse and heal what we were not able to do at the time of past traumas that have been so deeply engrained within us. If challenges are coming up for you, I feel we are being given another opportunity to not only react and respond in a different way, but also we can now release all our anger, fear and unresolved grief from those past events that prevented us from receiving the Light. We are being given the opportunity now to steer our own ship as a creator, and not be tossed about on a stormy sea as a perceived victim of circumstance.

The Voice of Pain

Whatever that voice of pain deep inside of you is saying, it has only one purpose and one purpose only…to call you into a journey of self discovery into your own heart so you can heal the wound for the last time…and THIS I believe is the opportunity everyone is being given who find themselves having to deal with a challenge of some kind. We can then let go of the story and the emotional trauma that was created at the time, and move beyond the limitations of the mind of the distorted thoughts and beliefs that we had created from those past events…and for which a lot of us, have been running our lives ever since.

How can we set ourselves free when we are in mental and emotional turmoil though? Whether we are being faced with the unexpected death of a friend, or on the receiving end of someone who is blaming and verbally attacking us, the event or situation is not the cause of the conflict within us, it is the trigger to our emotions, and it is our emotions that takes us back to our basic survival instinct – fight or flight. If our safety and security are threatened, it is our own unhealed wounds that cause us to react in fear or anger and we attack to defend ourselves, or, we back down and run away in denial and self-loathing.

Yet the people that were involved that triggered our inner unhealed emotions are our greatest messengers…because they played the part they did (unconsciously) to assist us to grow. They are the catalyst for us to change, IF we are listening and paying attention…and it has all been done in the name of Love, even though it may not seem like it at the time. When we can become aware and recognise that even grief, worry and anxiety are our friends and messengers, as are all our negative feelings, they are showing us that something is wrong and is out of balance with who we truly are.

Warning: A Major Demolition Is In Progress

Wayne Dyer once wrote, “How people treat you is their karma, how you react to it is yours.” From my own personal challenge, at one point I felt a familiar anxiety I had known in the past from a long time ago. When I sat quietly with that familiar anxiety and admitted I had been abused, disrespected and been taken advantage of in many ways and that I had “covered it up” at the time…I had paid a hard price for doing so. The recent “cover up” job that appeared as an outside event took me back to an incident in my past and this then enabled me to move into the heart and shift my perspective and to stop being so hard on myself.

What was really happening was what lay hidden in my psyche nearly thirty long ago, were in fact the wounded parts of me that had been abused, disrespected and taken advantage of by others, the parts of me that felt frightened and ashamed at what others might think if they really knew what was going on…and the part of me that had felt frightened and scared to speak out. So back then I hid, covered up and withheld the truth of what was going on to protect another and their reputation… because I was frightened of the consequences if I spoke out. This time round though, although I did not know what the outcome would be or which way the pendulum would swing, all those unhealed conflicts and wounds of the past were coming up to be purged, rebalanced, and resolved for the last time. At some level, this situation was to shift the other people involved too, even if they were not aware of it.

Having gone through this challenging experience and trying to create a win win situation for both parties involved and trying to limit the damage, at the end of it not only were there feelings of guilt and remorse that came up for me in not wanting to cause another harm, it also gave me immense feedback in that it showed me a pattern of how I can still be hard on myself and where at times I can take far too much responsibility for everything. I did not know which way the coin would fall or what the end result would be, but what I did know, I was not in control of the outcome of it either.

Lessons learned

It would be easy for me to say “why did this happen to me?”  At some level I created this challenge, yes, me. It belonged to me. I owned it. What was once my beautiful garden had been abused and disrespected and became a battleground and an object of dispute. Although at times it felt like I was in a battle of some kind, what I now understand is that I created this battlefield to walk through so as to cleanse, purge, balance and create a peaceful, harmonious and divine sanctuary…both inside and out, without getting blown up or killed in the bargain (which probably happened to me in previous lives!) The war is over…long live the Queen and now may peace reign!

This one event brought back my soul’s wounding at a much deeper level and I had to give voice to those denied parts of myself. I share this with you to demonstrate how this situation had to be manifested in the outside world now so I could stand in my own power and respond to it in a different way…and heal the wound for the last time. I am not a victim of circumstance and never have been, and I do not need to blame myself for something I thought I had done wrong.

We all have to take 100% responsibility for our own thoughts, words, deeds and actions, and the part we played in the situation. It is not about being a martyr and taking responsibility for everything, or blaming and punishing ourselves when things turn nasty.

We cannot control other people and the way they think or act…they are responsible for their own thoughts and behaviour.

We cannot control the outcome of a situation. With every action comes a consequence so all we can do is do our best and leave the outcome to the Universe.

We are not responsible for the feelings of others or what they say or do so we do not need to take things personally. When we become aware of their “reactive” behaviour or if they try to blame us, it is because they are not willing to accept responsibility for their part in the situation and are fighting to get their own needs and agendas met.

The moral of these situations and challenges a lot of us are being faced with is that whatever we tried to hide and conceal in the past, either from ourselves or others, the truth, in time, will always come back on us to be uncovered and revealed for what it is…and that time is now. We are all being given an opportunity to surrender to what is and allow in more divine Light, to purge and wipe the slate clean, let the old stories go, respond in a different way…and take charge of our lives and stand in the truth of who we are.

This challenge was not easy for me to experience, knowing there was a higher purpose to it allowed me to surrender to it and trust that the truth would be revealed when I was ready to hear it. This event also allowed me to understand that although this challenge was karmic, this time round I no longer needed to re-experience it from a passive victim perspective. In taking charge and creating the intent of the outcome I wanted, this challenge not only healed and recalibrated my own timeline, it was also being cleared and recalibrated for others too.

A Quest For Truth

We can no longer shove things under the carpet anymore and when we go “knock, knock knocking on Heaven’s door” for the answers to our questions and the answers are not forthcoming, it is a sure sign that we have inner work to do…and it is those many faces of fear that drive people into therapy of some kind because they cannot ignore or cope with their debilitating pain any longer. The reason is never about what seems to be going on at the surface level outside of us…it is the truth on the inside that is longing to be revealed.

These hidden truths are now coming up for a reason, and no matter how frightening they may appear, it is time to stand up and say I am not going to do this the same way again! Truth, Honesty and Integrity will always win out. We can then let go of the story and the emotional trauma that was created at the time, and move beyond the limitations of the mind of the distorted thoughts and beliefs that we had created from those past events…and for which a lot of us, have been running our lives ever since. Time to take the wheel now and steer your own ship…

Growing Through the Pains of Awakening

Life is life, and life will show up for us in unexpected ways. No matter where we are on our journey it can have a way of emotionally crippling us, and even for those that are more conscious than most, events and situations can render us temporarily incapacitated. Yet the truth is, these challenges are here for us to own and accept 100% responsibility for the part we played in the drama, trusting that although the truth may not be apparent immediately, if we can be patient and sit with our fear, anxiety and uncertainty, the truth will reveal itself in the end.

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