As we reach the energetic Lion’s Gate Portal on the 8th August, we are being called upon to shift our mindset to 5D if we are to heal or cure our current situation.

A sacred time of illumination, the Lion’s Gate Portal is a planetary astrological alignment of Sirius with the Galactic Centre. Sirius is often referred to as the Star of Isis, Stargate of the Goddess because of its feminine energy.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is known as a time of heightened cosmic energy flowing into the physical from spirit where we have an opportunity to receive this influx of Light and greater downloads to activate and clear us.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Leader of Light,

You are a child of the Universe,

a daughter of the Mother,

and you have overcome your burdens.

You are now being called.

You have a mission to fulfill.

If you have emerged from struggle,

you are at a divine moment of rebirth.

Now bring forth your message

to manifest in the physical.

It is your time to be seen.

From the Black Rose Oracle, Linda Raven©2020 All Rights Reserved

Use this Gateway into the Heavens and the higher realms of consciousness for deeper insight.

In ancient Egypt where the Lion’s Gate Portal begins, in the month of August the astrological sign of Leo, the Egyptians would see Sirius in the sky aligned over the top of the great pyramid. It was a sacred time of fertility, abundance and illumination.

“Sirius is an ancient doorway to feminine mysteries. It is said that many of the incarnated Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose have come from the Star Sirius, the home of one of the great Galactic Councils. Many are returning in this lifetime to awaken to their full potential and fulfil their sacred mission”.

The collective consciousness of the Starseeds needs to move into alignment to their soul purpose energy. What are we here to do and are we doing it?

Embracing Transition

Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” We also cannot be helping and assisting with our 3D issues by remaining stuck in our 4D emotions.

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, we need to be aware of our own energy and keep it aligned and balanced. We are all being moved into a new level of consciousness both personally and globally.

That transition can be scary but Sirius energy can help us to trust in the process and embrace it if we allow. Opening our Heart’s to the unknown takes strength and courage and Sirius and Leo energy can be a powerful force.

Many patterns are coming up to be cleared that are not serving our highest good. Whether victim consciousness, resistance, procrastination or self sabotaging behaviour, there is no time now to be wallowing in these patterns and whatever the blocks are to fulfilling our potential they need to be removed.

What is being served up on the silver platter from our minds?

The energies of the Lion’s Gate if we are open to receive them is to call us to courage and find the strength to move forward, shifting our consciousness to honour what resides in our Hearts.

Lockdown has put many into a crisis of some kind as part of their own awakening. It has also given many of us time to reflect on what’s going on in our lives and what we want to do with the time we have left.

We are raising our consciousness collectively. Our truest expression of who we truly are is being our purpose, being Love, being higher consciousness. That will look different for each of us.

Others share with me “I don’t know what my purpose is”.

My response is, your purpose is to be Love and be in Service. What do you Love doing that can help another? For example, I write a blog. That is part of my purpose to communicate through the energetic vibration of words and share Love’s healing messages.

Another part of my purpose is to assist others when asked to heal their Heart wounding, access higher states of awareness, as well as challenging emotions and self defeating patterns that we all have to transform. My purpose did not come easy and involved a lot of pain, struggle and sacrifice.

Moving beyond Survivor

So we have healed our victim consciousness, our martyrdom, our persecutor and rescuer modes, our maternal and paternal lineage.

We healed our self limiting and self defeating patterns of self sabotage.

We have overcome the darkness that crippled us from the subconscious mind. We stepped out of the shadow of action and reaction.

We no longer needed to play out ancestral patterns. We moved from past karma and learned what it meant to walk in a state of Grace.

We understood what Self Love meant.

We learned to Love ourselves.

And we learned it through what Love was not.

We emerged from our struggles and became a “survivor”.

So what’s beyond the Survivor archetype when we have truly reclaimed our power?

We learned that being authentic and speaking out, sometimes meant we and our Light became too hot for others as they recoiled in fear or left us. We learned that was ok too.

We became comfortable with take me as I am or if you can’t, that’s your problem.

Over time, we found those that could be comfortable with us and we started to find our tribe.

We learnt to own our power. To stand in our power. No more secrets, no more lies. No more hiding in the shadows. The Universe and Cosmic Mother has given us our medicine. We must roar and speak our medicine. We must bring forth our message to manifest in the physical.

Forget the perfect offering.

Forget the perfect offering!

The old way is done.

For example, as an anchoress of the Black Rose and Black Light frequency, I have created the Black Rose Oracle deck, going into print as I write.

It was what I was born to do. I brought forth my medicine to manifest in the physical. Oh the beauty and perfection of the Rose. She reflects back to us our own imperfections, showing us there is Love and beauty even in imperfection.

Even in the imperfection of our Love offerings, there is perfection.

We are at a divine moment of rebirth.

Are we living at our deepest purpose?

What resides in our own Heart?

What do we desire?

What are we ready to create at this time?

Are we ready to walk through the Lion’s Gate of manifestation, abundance and illumination?

You are being called.

Are you ready to awaken to new frequencies and even higher consciousness?

Being a Leader of Light

It is not about the label. We continually work to raise our consciousness. We learn to become aware of our negative tendencies, our unconscious self limiting patterns that moulded our past.

We dig deep to change who we were to what we want to become. We continue to heal our physical body of pain and illness, knowing there is a big difference between healing something and curing it. We learn to overcome the situations and adversity we are faced with.

We learn the difference to become co-creators with Divine Will – not our will.

We are then shown our purpose.

Then we can give our gifts to the world. Being and showing the way for others of what things look like on Earth when we align with the higher realms, doing whatever we were born to do, we are fulfilled and live in abundance.

The Lion’s Gateway of the 8:8 brings with it an influx of Codes and an invitation to conquer our fears and embrace our personal transition into Sovereignty to assist humanity’s evolution into a new way of being.

Can you come humbled and naked to the sacred Lion’s Gate? Can you leave all that is not sacred at the Gate before you enter?

Are you willing to receive her healing magic and surrender to the sacred time and incoming Galactic energy? To transition into a new way of being and wear your Crown of authentic Roses to co-create a New Earth in Service with Divine Will?

In Love, Grace and Service,